Pieter Gerard van den Broek

Pieter van den Broek, born on may 6 1956, married with his kind wife Greet. They have two daughters Demelza and Tuppence.

Pieter has followed and rounded off the art of flower arrangement, horticultural school and entrepreneur-ship.
From 1972 till 1981 he was a florist at several renowned companies, Bilthoven, Amersfoort and he was manager at Hilversum.

His creative skills and possibilities he further developed trough his many years of contact with colour and form during his work as an artist of flower arrangement. From that, he has created an own style and developed an own formative language.
His father was a landscape architect and his grandfather an art painter, people who wanted to create a dream-world for everyone.
They are a source of inspiration for Pieter.

As a florist he also got assignments to create collages of ‘natural’ materials. From that it was a small step to evaluate to the art of painting. He was very much fascinated by the technical part of painting, which later on was very useful for his passion of experiment and the painting classes he was going to give. 

His creativity and design was noticed, this resulted in the confidence of several customers, which led to new plans and ideas that had to be elaborated.

Pieter is as a painter autodidact.

Exhibitions / relations from 1991:
Kampen the Stadsgehoorzaal, van Zuylen, van Amerongen, ABN-AMRO, C&A, DA Drogisten, Bos Boeken, Eijgelaar Natuursteen Ltd.
IJsselmuiden New World Art Gallery, Garden centre Koster. Hengelo Kunstgreep for TV Oost. In ‘s Gravenhage Galerie American Women’s. In Zwolle Odeon. In Putten de Artbasement of the town hall. In Hattem Groenrijk. Beemster Hof van Heden. Dronten Garden centre de Boeg.

Wall-paintings he made a.o. for architect bureau Oord, cruise ship Holland River Line, Eijgelaar Natuursteen Ltd, and individuals.

For Eijgelaar Natuursteen Ltd he devises monuments and sometimes engraves them himself.
In 2002 he took the initiative for the project about the disappearance of the guilder, to what the Dutch bank gave authorisation and co-operated, also the ABN-AMRO, C&A and other retail traders in Kampen.
Employees of ABN-AMRO and C&A have bought work.

Pieter works with acrylic and oil paint with several techniques, glazing, covering, thin aquarelle.